Vendor – Moonenergy Stones

Benita of Moonenergy Stones “I have a passion for using stones for wellness as a tool in one’s toolbox. I feel, in most cases, a stone picks you. I also make Clearing Sprays which are used the same way as smudging but using essential oils!”  Moonenergy offers:

 Helping Stones which help with stress, worry, pain, arthritis, depression, procrastination, addictions, weight control & everything else;

Sunchimes which help bring in light, colour & enhances energy in home, office & car; balances, body, mind & spirit. ‘Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds & awaken our spirits’ and

 ‘Clearing’ Sprays use essential oils & gemstones to rid ‘negative energy’ from you, home, office & anywhere else.