Vendor – Lissa Rachelle


Award-winning artist, Lissa Rachelle has loved to draw for as long as she can remember. Largely self taught, she feels that art is in her blood, as both her grandfather and her father were “closet” artists who enjoyed drawing for their own pleasure.

In July 2012, she helped to co-found the Pencil Art Society, an International, Canadian-registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the world-wide recognition of pencil media as fine art and committed to contributing to the professional advancement of artists working in pencil.

Lissa only began painting with acrylics in 2013 as a playful “break” from her  more focused and time-consuming pencil work and has developed a much more surrealistic and intuitive style with her paintings as compared to her detail-oriented realistic pencil style. She has come to so enjoy creating her  painted world that her biggest question of the day has now become: “Should I draw today…… or should I paint? That is the question!”