Vendor – House of Bubbles

House of Bubbles  makes the most unique artistic soaps! I combine quality and beauty. I use the cold process method (olive, coconut, organic palm, shea butter, canola and sunflower). I customize my soaps for all occasions, tastes and personalities. From cupcakes to soccer balls, the titanic, children’s toys (legos, puzzle pieces, duckies, etc.). I make my own molds to produce eclectic and ergonomic shapes (computer mouse, OM sign, lightbulb, giant seashells, mango, and many more). Other soaps are rectangle or square but still present a Celtic or Egyptian design. In my experience, fun soaps are of poor quality and good quality soaps are plain and boring: so I combine the best of both worlds. My entire line is fragrance free, and environmentally friendly. This soap is extremely rich and bubbly. I am also a potter, so I complement my line with unique soap dishes.