Vendor – Herboristerie La Fee Des Bois

Mariane from Herboristerie La Fee Des Bois  “I grow my own organic medicinal plants at the farm and transform them into herbal teas, tinctures and all organic, all natural, cosmetic and therapeutic products.  I believe in using only natural ingredients and the more local as possible!

All the plant extracts and herbal teas are from my organic fields, honey and bees wax from my neighbors (artisanal honey producers), hemp oil from Manitoba, hydrolat and some essential oils from near Quebec city, etc.

I studied in herbalism for 3 years in Montreal and then came back to the Outaouais area to find an old farm house and start my own little business of medicinal plants and natural products. It is now been 2 and a half years since I started the business.  One year ago I finally found the farm and now I’m slowly but surely getting things growing and building.”