Vendor – Bez Gluten Free

Bez Gluten-Free’s gluten-free baked goods taste like the real thing. Owner, Samantha, lamented (once too often) to her friend, Andrea, that she had been growing tired of spending a lot of money on gf items that tasted horrible. Many conversations ensued and with the combination of Andrea’s pastry experience and Samantha’s gf baking, Bez Gluten-Free was born. The bakery was set up with two goals in mind: One to have their goodies taste just like the real thing. Because honestly, you can’t call it a brownie if it doesn’t look or taste like a brownie. And second, to make gluten-free affordable so their products are priced similarly to other high quality items. Bez GF makes sweet loafs such as banana bread, brownies, tarts, pies, quiche, and cupcakes, plus some specialty items for the season such as pumpkin pie or Christmas pudding. They love to experiment for new items and work with the seasons, ie pina colada cupcakes for summer or red velvet for winter. Bez GF prides themself on their quality so gluten-eaters and not just those who are gluten-free, can enjoy them.