The Savoir Faire Post-Op Part 1

What a successful day!!  We had hundreds of people through and lots of Christmas gifts were bought.  I know our wallets were a lot lighter on our way out.  It was a fun day of mingling and shopping.  Here is the big beautiful tree.


Jewellry by Angelina who travelled many hours to be there and we are so glad she did.

Bombshell Revival with her artistic creations.

Karin Norstom and beautiful assistant.

Goofing around in front of Ju Things.

Shoppers galore!!!

Iris Kiewet, artist extraordinaire!

Gilda Kathleen being shy I believe 🙂

Kiki with her fashions.

Krysthle striking a pose.

Our adorable canteen sign with knit stocking.

The ever talented Lissa Rachelle.

Lee with her striking smile and set up for Little Gray Cat Designs.

MadLeigh Creative with Krysthle messing around behind.

Miss Clip, isn’t she totally photogenic??

Michelle with her My Jacket Pocket vintage treasures.

Laura Sheppard with her amazing pottery.

More shoppers and check out those cute white lights on the upper beams.

Staja with her funky wares.

Our friend Steph shopping up a storm.  She even did a post on the faire over on Share the Love.

The ever pleasant girls from Stow-N-Tow

Suzi Q Tee and her stuffies made with recycled T-shirt, can you believe it??

The fabulous sisters from U.FABU

Urban Fete with her cool cards.

There was a mixed media workshop going on in an adjoining room.  Here is Renee and all her students with their finished pieces.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it around to all of the vendors for pics with all we had to do but we are trying to dig up some more so there will be a Part Deux of this post.  Stay tuned…

Creatively yours,

Renee & Brittany